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Etacom is a diverse real estate developer and consulting company, whose staff has the relevant technical qualifications combined with solid experience. Our operations began in 1989 and our competence network is comprehensiveboth in Finland and abroad.

Building and project management

Etacom carries out areal and project development, construction management and project management tasks, especially in public construction, retail and office, as well as industrial projects. We are specialized in social sector related projects.

We actively identify the needs of various sectors and stakeholders. We work out the best solutions for our clients by combining effective design and reliable construction implementation. If required, we will gladly take care of land acquisition and planning.

Technical services and planning

We perform technical surveys and reviews of commercial and other real estates. Our company also serves our clients through other real estate-related assessments and planning, such as the functional development of real estate, improving energy efficiency, boosting maintenance and elaborating long-term plans.

Through its comprehensive network, Etacom administers to architectural, structural, technical, energy, restructuring and other planning work, always taking overall responsibility for the planning.

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